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Unplanned or extended unit shutdowns can be very costly for refinery operators. Over the past three decades, Tube Tech has helped to minimise downtime and solve some of the most difficult fouling removal problems at oil and gas facilities around the world.

As part of this process, we have developed bespoke technologies that can remove fouling and unblock heat exchangers, VCFE, and other essential equipment to the highest standards.

These innovations, combined with our professional approach to service care, help our customers to achieve significant savings in maintenance time and costs, improve energy and process efficiency and help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Our services to the refining industry include fouling removal of:

We also provide industrial inspection services; Eddy Current and IRIS, and have partnerships with companies providing mechanical engineering, monitoring and performance, intelligent pigging, and decoking.

The Tube Tech Difference

Refineries around the world choose Tube Tech because we offer a turnkey fouling removal and inspection service using more than 40 innovative systems and techniques to help clients meet their heat transfer efficiency challenges. We also provide service flexibility with remote and semi-remote systems and help minimise environmental impact with low-water and zero-waste solutions.

Case Studies

Read our latest case studies to find out how we use our unique fouling removal solutions and specialist knowledge to tackle some of the world’s toughest fouling challenges.

Fin Fan Cleaning Achieves Optimum Performance and No Refractory Damage

A ‘Bonny’ Trip To Nigeria

ACC Clean with Bespoke Finned Surface Cleaning Heads

Around the Clock Clean Saves Major Texas Gulf Coast Refinery Millions

Radiant Tube and TLE Emergency Cleaning in an Ethylene Furnace After Major Fire

Heat Exchanger Cleaning on the World's Largest FPSO Floating Platform

Cleaning Robot Lance Tackles Hard Scale for Power Company

Fired Heater Furnace Coils Cleaned in Trinidad

Flare Line Cleaned Without Water Jetting in Turkey


Flare Line Cleaning “ON-LINE!” avoids Refinery Crash within a Dutch refinery

Remote Technology Clears Severely Blocked Tubes in the Far East

Robotic Ethylene Fired Heater Convection Bank Cleaning in The Netherlands

Robotic Fired Heater Convection Bank Cleaning in Trinidad

Flare Line Cleaned Without Water Jetting in Turkey


Flare Line Cleaning “ON-LINE!” avoids Refinery Crash within a Dutch refinery

Furnaces Fired Heater Convection Bank Cleaned Robotically at German Refinery

Remote Technology Clears Severely Blocked Tubes in the Far East

Robotic Cleaning of Ethylene Heater Convection Banks Leads to Substantial Performance Increase


Robotics Restore Heavily Fouled Heater

Rover Restores Primary Reformer Convection Section Efficiency

Specialist Cleaning Knowledge Makes Short Work of Air Cooled Condenser

Texas Tower (VCFE Platformer) Cleaning Improves Heat Transfer In Saudi Arabia

Texas Tower (VCFE Platformer) Mechanical External Shell Side Cleaning – World First!

Texas Tower Mechanical Drilling of Vertical VCFE Texas Tower Tubes

Texas Tower VCFE Platformer Drilled From Below in Dominican Republic

Texas Tower VCFE Platformer Tube Side Clean in Holland

Eight Days. Three Texas Towers. No Problem for Tube Tech.

Tube Tech Beats COVID-19 Storm to Complete IRIS Inspection at LNG Plant in Nigeria


Tube Tech Fouling Removal System is the Only Choice for Major European Refinery

Tube Tech Completes Fin Fan Clean at Waste to Power Plant in Yorkshire

Tube Tech Completes Fin Fan Radiator Cleaning at East London Power Plant

Bespoke Cleaning and Inspection Solution for Arbor Radiant Coil in Saudi Arabia

Tube Tech Helps Increase Thermal Efficiency by 3% at Tüpraş Izmir Refinery

Tube Tech Improves Cleanliness Standards at Methanol Plant in Trinidad


Tube Tech Provides Robotic Cleaning Solution for Netherlands Plant

Tube Tech Restores Tube Bores at Chemical Manufacturing Facility in Hull

Tube Tech Water Jetting Success at UK-based Global Food Manufacturer

TWISTED TUBE Heat Exchanger by Koch Heat Transfer: Shell and Tube side cleaning – South Africa

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