Tube Tech Fouling Removal System is the Only Choice for Major European Refinery

One of Europe’s largest refineries based in northwest England contacted Tube Tech to solve a fouling challenge that was exacerbated by recent warm temperatures. The refinery covers an area equivalent to 300 football pitches and contributes an estimated £60 million each year to the local economy. It will also house the UK’s first low-carbon hydrogen facility.

The Challenge

The refinery was suffering from heavy fouling on its air-cooled equipment, specifically the fin fan radiators, which was negatively affecting performance. The problem was worsened by the high ambient temperatures in the UK in the Summer of 2022.  

If no action was taken to remove the fouling, the refinery would eventually be forced to reduce production to a level that its cooling system was able to cope with. 

The Solution

The refinery has used Tube Tech’s fouling removal services for various assets in the past, always with a significant and fast ROI. Considering previous success, the plant chose Tube Tech again to restore its fin fan radiators. 

Tube Tech has engineered its own system which restores fin fans using a bespoke lance and an engineered head which controls the flow and water pressure, whilst preventing damage and protecting the asset. It is proven to be the most effective and quickest system on the market to restore thermal efficiency. 

The client required 68 plenums cleaned in the shortest possible time to achieve the highest standard of performance. Tube Tech was able to satisfy both of these requirements using its vast experience of restoring fin fans and other air cooled equipment.  

Working at night when the ambient temperatures are lowest, three Tube Tech technicians completed the project over a prearranged number of night shifts. 

Tube Tech Comment

We have had a busy summer in the UK as it has been warm and dry. The temperatures have created challenges for many refineries and power plants across the country. 

Air cooled equipment has required extra attention as the temperatures have compounded the issue of fouling. With the rise in energy prices, performing at maximum capacity has become crucial for refineries and power plants across the world. 

We pride ourselves on developing technology which delivers maximum results for clients. This includes the speed and quality of our work, the return on investment, and restoring the asset to optimum performance. We are pleased to say that we have achieved all these things for this client, and we’d like to thank them for continuing to trust Tube Tech as their maintenance partner. 

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