Tube and Shell Side Fouling Removal of TWISTED TUBE Heat Exchangers

Heat Transfer Efficiency Improvement

Tube Tech Fouling Removal Services for Koch Heat Transfer Equipment

Once perceived as difficult to remove fouling from TWISTED TUBE Heat Exchangers by Koch Heat Transfer Company are favoured for more challenging heat exchange services like hot crude oil versus viscous hot vacuum residue and for services where high thermal coefficients and mitigated fouling are attractive.

TWISTED TUBE Heat Exchangers typically have 40% higher heat transfer coefficient for the same pressure drop as conventional shell & tube heat exchangers. TWISTED TUBE Heat Exchangers are self-supporting, so baffles are not required. There is less vibration as tubes are supported at multiple contact points and the reduction in turbulence means no dead spots with the hope fouling will be reduced.

Shell side fouling and tube side deposits are often difficult to remove using either traditional high pressure water jetting or chemicals. These exchangers contain tiny ‘lanes’ on the shell side but if these become blocked with deposits the twisted tube heat exchanger becomes a challenge to remove fouling.

Tube Tech offers an advanced bespoke technique for shell side fouling removal. Using remote micro technology that travels the full length of all the lanes and channels, penetrating to where the scale is and removing any blockages from deep within the tube bundles.

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Twisted Tube Heat Exchanger: Shell and Tube Side Cleaning

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