Fin Fan Fouling Removal

More efficient than fin fan heat exchanger cleaning

Heat Transfer Efficiency Solutions for Fin Fans and Condensers

Tube Tech’s fin fan fouling removal service offers engineered technology, operated by our experienced technicians to maximise heat transfer efficiency. 

Tube Tech fouling removal is more efficient than fin fan heat exchanger cleaning services

  • Removes 90%+ fouling  
  • Restored efficiency  
  • Improved performance reduces energy consumption 
  • Reduced CO2 emissions 
  • Faster fouling removal 
  • ROI in < 2 months 

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Remove Fouling from Fin Fans in 4 Easy Steps

Step One

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Step Two

A team of experience Tube Tech fin fan fouling removal technicians is assembled and mobilised to the site. This will either be during a planned turnaround period or for an emergency/unplanned requirement.

Step Three

Our technicians typically use a bespoke extendable fouling removal lance with an engineered head, developed over many years, to control water delivery to the fins. We can remove fouling from fin fan units online with individual fans isolated to minimise disruption if required.

Step Four

90%+ fouling removal, guaranteed.

Fin Fan Fouling Removal Case Studies

Read our latest case studies to find out how we use our unique fouling removal solutions and specialist knowledge to tackle some of the world’s toughest fouling challenges.


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Tube Tech Completes Fin Fan Radiator Cleaning at East London Power Plant

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Fin Fan Cleaning and Fouling Removal FAQs
What are Fin Fans?

A fin fan is a heat exchanger that forces air over a set of finned tubes to cool the medium inside the tube. Although their applications can differ, fin fan style radiators can also be designed as steam condensers knows as Apex Air Cooled Condensers.

Fin fans are widely used in oil and gas, petrochemical and polymer, power and energy and manufacturing industries. The main function of fin fans is to remove heat produced by an industrial process which cannot be reused.

A fin fan heat exchanger is a critical asset and should be regularly maintained to ensure optimum performance.

How Often Should Fin Fans Be Treated by a Fouling Removal specialist?

How often a fin fan unit should be maintained is dependent on the environment. Debris is drawn into the unit from the air used for cooling. For example, a steelworks or waste-to-energy plan is more likely to have a dusty environment and require additional monitoring and maintenance.

Fouling removal schedules are often dictated by measuring performance and removing fouling when there is a drop in efficiency. On average, fin fans should be maintained 1-2 times per year, depending on the environmental factors and performance analysis.

Tube Tech can perform fin fan fouling removal online with individual fans isolated to minimise disruption. Read our latest case study for more information.

What Happens if Fin Fans are Dirty or Fouled?

A dirty or fouled fin fan unit can significantly reduce efficiency and output, regardless of plant size. If fin fans are fouled, they are not able to cool effectively or as quickly as required. Eventually, underperforming units will lead to a reduction in throughput or unplanned outages and affect the bottom line.

What Causes Fin Fan Fouling?

Fouling in fin fan units is caused by environmental debris being drawn into the unit with the airflow.

Furthermore, warm ambient temperatures can exacerbate the issue of fouling. The cooling medium used by the fin fan (air) will be warmer upon entering the unit, reducing the effectiveness of the cooling process. When fouling is removed from the asset, the radiator recovers surface area for designed cooling.

How Fast Can Tube Tech Remove Fouling from a Fin Fan Unit?

Tube Tech can remove fouling from approximately 9-10 plenum areas in a 10-hour shift. The industry average for fin fan cleaning is 3-4 plenum areas within the same time. Our vast experience and engineered fouling removal technologies allow us to complete fouling removal significantly faster than traditional methods.

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