Tube Tech Completes Fin Fan Radiator Cleaning at East London Power Plant


A power plant based in East London recently contacted Tube Tech after a recommendation from another site. The plant required fouling to be removed from the fin fan radiator surfaces, in an effective way whilst causing no damage to the materials.

The Challenge

The Group managing the power plant in East London is responsible for 30% of the UK’s gas supply. It is vital that its assets and processing equipment perform optimally to produce the required output.

Fouling can severely impact productivity, and a build-up of debris on the fins can reduce the cooling capability and result in the radiator running at less than full capacity.

To avoid this situation, the plant required an effective, proven method to tackle debris on the fin fans of the radiator and restore the asset to design thermal efficiency.

The Solution

As a recommended fouling removal specialist, the client contacted our team to discuss their requirements, and we were able to swiftly mobilise a team of fouling removal experts to tackle the fouling.

Our team deployed a bespoke fin fan radiator cleaning technology to clean the delicate aluminium fins without causing any damage.

The clean was completed to the clients’ specification; we were able to complete the job within two days, causing minimal disruption to process and delivering fantastic results.

Tube Tech Comment

Our bespoke fin fan cleaning solution ensured that the fin fan radiator was cleaned effectively, which in turn has restored efficiency and cooling performance to maximise production.

We are pleased that the client has requested a planned preventative maintenance programme, which will see our team conduct regular cleaning of the asset, ensuring that its equipment is performing optimally all year round.


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