Cleaning for IRIS Inspection

The only company to simultaneously clean and inspect heat exchanger tubes using IRIS or Eddy Current technology.

Achieving IRIS Inspection Cleanliness to Keep Your Facility Moving

Tube Tech Internal Rotational Inspection System (IRIS) is a sensitive ultrasonic immersion pulse echo technology providing highly accurate integrity data.

Inspection results depend greatly on cleanliness levels. Both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic tubes can be inspected, providing a three-dimensional picture of a defect, showing the profile and its depth.

For successful IRIS inspection, tube bores must be very clean. While other inspection techniques tolerate some degree of scaling, IRIS methods require tubes cleaned virtually down to the bare metal.

Tube Tech offers Enhanced IRIS standard Tube Cleaning service that ensures all deposits are removed ready for immediate IRIS inspection. Clients do not need to risk rework or critical path situations which often happen when using conventional high pressure water jet lancing. Jetting nozzles often leave tram lines or a helix of scale in the tubes leading operators requesting a second cleaning cycle before IRIS inspection can be completed.

Remote control “IRIS Ready” system drills, descales, polishes and inspect heat exchanger tubes. Even through small diameter man ways/nozzles avoiding on safe man entry.

Tube Tech is proud to offer this new and proven guaranteed Enhanced Tube Cleaning service ensuring tube bore cleanliness suitable for IRIS inspection.


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