Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Fouling Removal

We guarantee to remove 90%+ fouling from blocked heat exchangers across a range of heavy industries.

With more than 30 years of experience in solving heavy industries’ toughest fouling challenges, our team has the technology and expertise to elevate your heat exchanger maintenance.

When you partner with Tube Tech, your facility will benefit from a dedicated team that is responsive and flexible to meet your unique requirements.

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Rapid Mobilisation > 72 hours

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Key Case Study

Read about when Tube Tech removed fouling from 2x Texas Towers cleaned in just 5 shifts – Down from 24 shifts

Texas Tower (VCFE Platformer) Mechanical External Shell Side Cleaning – World First!

Tube Tech’s Heat Exchanger Fouling Removal Service 

Tube Tech has completed many shell-and-tube-side heat exchanger fouling removal projects around the world over the past 30 years. Our clients include major petrochemical plants and refineries, and other processing, manufacturing, and chemical facilities.  

We develop technologies in-house to improve fouling removal methods and deliver outstanding results. Many of our technologies are remote or semi-remote to allow access to hard-to-reach areas, improve safety standards, and gather valuable data such as tube blockages, damaged tubes, and fouled areas.

We specialise in: 

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“We were really impressed with Tube Tech’s performance and how clean the bundles are – the cleanest we have seen them since installation in 2008!” 

“I would like to pass on my thanks to your team for the hard work and professionalism shown during the recent visit”.

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Heat Exchanger Fouling Removal FAQs
What is the best way to improve heat transfer efficiency of a heat exchanger?

The best way to improve heat transfer efficiency of a heat exchanger is to use a combination of precise water jetting fouling removal technologies. Remote tube side water jetting systems and shell side, between tubes, penetrate deep between tube rows to remove hard deposits and scaling. At Tube Tech, we have developed our own technology for delivering clean shell and tube heat exchangers, Blade JeTT which uses these principles to guarantee the removal of 90%+ fouling from heat exchanger bundles.  

The system uses adjustable high-pressure water which is targeted precisely at blockages. This ensures fouling is removed efficiently, using less volume of water than traditional water jetting methods.

How to remove a blockage from a heat exchanger?

A blocked heat exchanger can pose problems for facilities that rely on efficient heat transfer and asset reliability. The process of removing blockages requires knowledge of the nature of fouling and then selecting the correct equipment to conduct the fouling removal. Tube Tech specialise in both internal and external tube fouling removal.    

Effective heat exchanger maintenance should be carried out whilst the unit is offline. Care should be taken when removing fouling these assets to protect the metal and base materials. If fouling removal is not performed by a specialist service provider, it could result in tube leaks, corrosion, or damage to the heat exchanger.

How long does it take to remove fouling from a heat exchanger?

The time taken to remove fouling from a heat exchanger is dependent on many variables including, but not limited to, the level of fouling, the type of deposits, and the configuration of the heat exchanger.  

Using our own technologies which have been designed to make fouling removal faster, safer, and more effective than simple cleaning of shell and tube heat exchangers, Tube Tech can significantly reduce the time taken to complete the fouling removal of several heat exchanger units.

Case Studies

Read our latest Heat Exchanger Fouling Removal case studies to find out how we use our unique fouling removal solutions and specialist knowledge to tackle some of the world’s toughest fouling challenges.

Tube Tech Helps Increase Thermal Efficiency by 3% at Tüpraş Izmir Refinery

Texas Tower (VCFE Platformer) Mechanical External Shell Side Cleaning – World First!

TWISTED TUBE Heat Exchanger by Koch Heat Transfer: Shell and Tube side cleaning – South Africa

Cleaning Robot Lance Tackles Hard Scale for Power Company

a u-tube heat exchanger

Unblocking U-Tube Heat Exchanger at a Gas Liquefaction Plant in Abu Dhabi

tube fouling

Ultra-high-pressure Water Jets Gets Refinery Flowing

Tube Tech Water Jetting Success at UK-based Global Food Manufacturer

Tube Tech Restores Tube Bores at Chemical Manufacturing Facility in Hull

First-class Heat Transfer Recovery is Just the Answer for Stalwart Food Manufacturer


Tube Tech Improves Heat Transfer Efficiency at Composites Producer in UK


Rotational Head Clears Small Tube Blockages for Back to Bare Metal Restoration

gas cooler tubes with fouling coming out of them

Gas Cooler U-Tube Restored Offshore

tubes being cleaned

Crude Train U-Tubes Polished in Five Hours

marks on tubes locating fouling

Heat Exchangers (Crude Train) Restored Back to Bare Metal at a Refinery

crude oil heater fouling

Crude Oil Heaters Restored Offshore

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