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To achieve a high standard of condenser heat transfer efficiency Tube Tech can utilise a variety of fouling removal systems which will improve the vacuum and heat transfer rate.

Tube Tech darTT

This condenser fouling removal system propels made to measure, metal scraper bullets down the condenser tubes using high volume but not high-pressure water, removing thin, hard eggshell scale, sludge and silt deposits.

When removing fouling from condenser tubes Tube Tech can also offer a simultaneous inspection service such as an Eddy current or IRIS inspection to measure tube-wall thickness and highlight excessive wear.

Removing fouling from condenser tubes restores vacuum and MW output, which in turn provides lower CO2 emissions per Megawatt.

Tube Tech can meet and invariably exceed strict time restrictions on condenser tube fouling removal and has also undertaken the process in such a short space of time that the neighbouring condenser train can be isolated to temporarily take the load temporarily. This operation has been known to take only three hours thereby allowing the plant to continue operating without reducing production.

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Condenser Performance Improved using DarTT Technology

Condenser Tube Cleaning Reduces CO2 Emissions

Condenser Clean Removes More Than 300kg of Scale and Silt

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