Specialist Cleaning Knowledge Makes Short Work of Air Cooled Condenser


A waste to heat renewable energy plant was experiencing a decrease in power generation due to fouling in the air-cooled condenser and urgently needed it cleaned.

The Challenge

Biomass energy plant, in Lincolnshire needed a more rapid cleaning solution for the apex air-cooled condenser than their on-site fixed system could provide.

Fouling had reduced the asset’s ability to create a full vacuum and in turn resulted in lower generation from the straw-fired power plant.

The plant’s onsite rig would have taken three weeks to complete the necessary clean.

The Solution

Site found Tube Tech from an internet search when looking for a company to improve on the level of cleaning and the speed against their fixed system.

Tube Tech used its vast experience in cleaning Apex Air Cooled Condensers to tackle the fouling, using dedicated lances designed and made specifically for these applications.

The specialist cleaning equipment made short work of what would otherwise have taken three weeks by the client with the onsite rig.

Tube Tech Comment

This was an urgent cleaning request by Site, which takes the hot combustion gases produced in the process before they exit the chimney and recycles the ash from burning the straw as fertiliser.

Following the client’s urgent request, Tube Tech mobilised within 24 hours and completed the task within one day shift and one night shift.

This means a full vacuum is now restored and the client can keep producing at full generation for the national grid.


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