Texas Tower (VCFE) Fouling Removal

Unblocking, Fouling Removal and Inspection of Texas Tower VCFE (Vertical Combined Feed Exchangers) - Tube & Shell Side

More than 30 Years' Texas Tower Fouling Removal Experience

The Texas Tower/Vertical Combined Feed Exchanger (VCFE) is an unsung hero of many refineries and due to its innovative design, it rarely causes concern to those involved in maintenance/asset management.

Texas Towers are designed as a relatively ‘clean’ exchangers and fouling removal often takes place only once every 7-10 years – some have been in operation for longer without showing a noticeable decrease in performance. When the performance starts to drop it is usually a gradual process which goes largely unnoticed to begin with but can then become a real problem.

As VCFE/Texas Towers are designed not to foul and they are cleaned infrequently, operators can be unsure of who to ask for advice on the best fouling removal methods as standard cleaning contractors will rarely have removed fouling from a Texas Tower/VCFE.

VCFE/Texas Tower Cleaning or Fouling Removal

Challenges faced by those cleaning or removing fouling from VCFE/Texas Towers include fouling location, unknown deposit characteristics, accessibility, safety, associated costs, etc. Since Texas Towers / VCFE are seen to so infrequently it is essential that when they are taken offline for fouling removal the process is fast, safely, and most importantly effectively with the “right methods and technologies” to suit their specific design.

Tube Tech has removed fouling from both the tube and shell side of many Texas Towers/VCFEs across the world and is able to provide solutions to the most difficult fouling removal challenges.

Please review our case studies which highlight a selection of our numerous successful VCFE fouling removal experiences.

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Case Studies

Read our latest case studies to find out how we use our unique fouling removal solutions and specialist knowledge to tackle some of the world’s toughest fouling challenges.

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