Texas Tower VCFE Platformer Tube Side Clean in Holland

Tubes Cleaned Ready for IRIS Inspection

Asset integrity is an essential part of running a plant. IRIS Standard cleanliness is historically difficult to achieve using traditional water jetting often requiring multiple passes, thereby extending the duration of a shutdown unnecessarily and often going into critical path.

On such a costly and critical item such as a VCFE / Texas Tower, it was essential for a Netherlands based refinery to achieve IRIS standard cleanliness. Tube Tech was recommended to them as the ideal specialist for this challenge. Tube Tech provided a newly developed “Enhanced IRIS Standard Cleaning System” using a novel Rotaflex process which ensured all tubes were rapidly cleaned to IRIS inspection standard first time, every time.

The Challenge

Deposit characteristics described as unknown.

  • Client reported that 95% of tubes could be fouled, and 5% of tubes blocked.
  • Client advised that a maximum of 5% of tubes could be blocked.
  • Previous water jetting contractors were unable to achieve IRIS.
  • There were severe time constraints as the refinery was in shutdown.


The Solution

Tube Tech’s bespoke Rotaflex Enhanced IRIS Standard Cleaning System which included:

  • Rapid Tube Blockage Location Technology
  • Soft Drill tube Unblocking Process
  • Multiple Tube Descaling Systems
  • High Speed Enhanced Tube Cleanliness to allow both Eddy Current and IRIS Inspection Standard.
Tube Tech Comment

Christian Chanel, VP: “Our latest Rotaflex Enhanced IRIS cleaning technology achieved exactly what the client requested enabling him to accurately assess the integrity of the VCFE. No rework was required and work was finished safely and on time.”

Client Comment

“Asset integrity is crucial for refinery operators and we were pleased to receive an excellent service in the timescales specified.”

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