DarTT Technology

Engineered by Our Team, For Yours

Tube Tech’s exclusively engineered DarTT technology is a reliable condenser cleaning system. It works by propelling metal scraper projectiles along the condenser tube using high-volume, low-pressure water, removing sludge, silt, and thin calcium scale deposits.

Our DarTT system is so effective that a single operator can clean two thousand tubes in a single shift, and so safe that two operators can work side by side.

Why Should I Clean Condenser Tubes?

All process equipment including condensers should be regularly cleaned to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. If fouling is left to accumulate it can result in lower output, increased CO2 emissions and potential equipment failure or unplanned outages.

Effective tube cleaning results in improvements in heat transfer rate and better vacuum performance. Fuel consumption, and therefore CO2 emissions, are also reduced as the condenser does not need to burn as much fuel to achieve the required output.

Why use Tube Tech’s DarTT System?

Our experienced engineers assemble the DarTT cleaners at our UK-based Research and Development Centre. This ensures that each DarTT adheres to stringent quality control and safety standards and allows us to remove all burrs from the metal blades to create a smooth edge which fits perfectly inside the internal diameter of tubes. The quality of our DarTT cleaning system is so good that the DarTT cleaning projectile can be used on soft yellow metal as well as steel or titanium.

How do we make the DarTTs?

Step One

The parts for each DarTT are manufactured to a high-quality using a polished injection moulded tool. The springs are also manufactured to a high tolerance by a fabricating partner.

Step Two

When we receive the parts, they are carefully quality inspected by an accredited team and transferred to the build area of our workshop.

Step Three

Our engineers then use a specialised tool to assemble each part of the DarTT and ensure that they clean the whole tube. Once the DarTT is pressed together, it is inspected for quality and dimensional tolerance.

Step Four

The DarTT is complete! Our team has complete control of the manufacturing process form start to finish, allowing us to produce DarTTs of the highest quality, making them superior in the field of condenser tube cleaning.

Technical Details:

  • Blade radius suits the exact internal diameter of the tubes
  • Cleaners which suit many tube sizes
  • 2000 tubes cleaned per system in one shift
  • Spring-loaded exclusive design
  • Metal construction to suit application or tube material

Benefits of the DarTT system:

  • Uniform cleaning of each tube
  • Deposit sampling
  • Safety – no high-pressure water used
  • Extends tube life
  • Each tube cleaned along 100% of its length
  • Impedes pitting and improves the surface condition
  • Achieves expected performance improvements
  • Cleans to a standard suitable for good eddy current results
  • Manufactured from fully recyclable materials

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