Tube Tech Improves Heat Transfer Efficiency at Composites Producer in UK


A chemical intermediates plant based in Cheddleton in the Staffordshire Moorlands recently contacted Tube Tech to discuss a routine service for their application, a service that needed to be carried out efficiently and thoroughly to reduce downtime. Tube Tech and the client have built a strong relationship over many years after impressing the client with our ability to achieve a high standard of heat transfer efficiency. We were able to discuss their requirements in detail to guarantee results and restore performance to the application.

The Challenge
  • The composites and intermediates producer required the removal of fouling in a heat exchanger unit to avoid the delay of production. If the unit is left too long without routine maintenance, heat transfer is compromised, costing the site valuable production time. The plant, therefore, needed to ensure that the fouled unit was restored to a high standard to avoid unnecessary downtime that would prevent the plant from operating as usual and maximise run time in the future.
The Solution
  • Having worked with the company for many years, we used our knowledge and experience of the client’s assets to clear the fouling within one day. Our specialised equipment operates in a time-sensitive manner, clearing fouling in a single pass.
  • A team of three used Tube Tech’s high-pressure cleaning heads to complete the project in one shift, significantly reducing downtime for the plant.
Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Director: “It is incredibly important that we’re able to minimise downtime for our clients as they need to continue with their production processes. This project was completed swiftly, with time being the client’s main concern.

We are proud of the results that we were able to deliver for this client who has proudly chosen to work with Tube Tech again.”

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