First-class Heat Transfer Recovery is Just the Answer for Stalwart Food Manufacturer

Tube Tech has become the heat transfer recovery provider of choice to a UK-based blue-chip food manufacturing company, after many others tried and failed to provide the high standard required.
The Challenge
  • This leading UK food manufacturer had tried many other contractors to remove stubborn fouling, but none had succeeded. The product begins to clog the tubes and ductwork, getting smeared across the surface and impacting production.
The Solution
  • Tube Tech uses both Ultra-High- and High-Pressure systems to remove tough fouling deposits and restore heat transfer efficiency. This has become a regular project and now built-in to the client’s maintenance schedule to be carried out every six months, taking three to five days depending on the level of fouling.
  • The regular maintenance service enables the plant to run for longer between cleans and therefore extends production runs to the maximum.

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