Solving U-Tube (Hairpin) Exchanger Cleaning Challenges

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One of the most popular and widely employed heat exchanger configurations in the industry is the straight or U-tube hairpin shell and tube exchanger. The extent of scaling can involve major cleaning work to return the exchanger to anything near its commissioned performance. If the outside of the bundle is heavily scaled as well, the cleaning challenge rises by an order of magnitude.

Anyone involved in the maintenance of a site which involves a U-bend or hairpin exchanger will acknowledge that traditional cleaning techniques struggle to clean the hidden areas of these exchangers without immense mechanical intervention.

Cleaning hairpin bends back to bare metal was a challenge the company met some time ago and has since perfected its technique within different industrial settings across the world.

Using a variety of unique cleaning systems, Tube Tech can clean and then video probe inspect hairpin shell and tube exchangers anywhere in the world. Please review the following case studies which demonstrate Tube Tech’s hairpin exchanger cleaning expertise.


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