Ultra-high-pressure Water Jets Get Refinery Flowing


Tube Tech were called in to blast out blockages at an innovative waste engine oil recycling centre. Clogged up burnt oil was reducing capacity until our team carried out a thorough fouling removal project resulting in heat transfer efficiency improvements.

The Challenge
  • Whelan Refining Limited in Stoke is a waste oil re-refinery producing high-quality base oils from used lubricating oils. The only one of its kind in the UK, since 2007 Whelan Refining has recycled more than half a million tonnes of wate oil.
  • Whelan Refining called in Tube Tech when it was faced with badly blocked exchanger tubes. The company produces high-quality base oils by re-refining and recycling used lubricating oils from garages around the country. Built-up burnt oil was slowing down this vital work.
tube fouling
clean tubes after fouling removal
The Solution
  • Tube Tech sent a team of three engineers to use ultra-high pressure (UHP) technology to unblock the tubes and then polish to a very high standard. The work was carried out in just five days from order to completion.
  • The vital recycling of waste oil was back up to full-speed within days, enabling the family-run business to continue its work salvaging used engine oil and refining it back into a usable state for the market.

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