Tube Tech Completes Fin Fan Clean at Waste to Power Plant in Yorkshire


A waste to power plant based in South Yorkshire contacted Tube Tech after hearing great feedback from another of its sites that used our cleaning services recently. The plant required the cleaning of fin fans on a process asset with minimal disruption to operations.

The Challenge

The renewable energy generated by the site is equivalent to that used to power about 12,000 homes. Therefore, it is crucial that equipment functions optimally with minimal downtime or loss in performance due to uncleanliness. A build-up of fouling on fin fan surfaces is a common reason for a reduction in productivity. The plant was suffering from the adverse effects of atmospheric dust and debris fouling on its fin fans. It required a prompt response, using tried and tested technology to restore the asset to optimum performance.

The Solution

After a recommendation from another site within the Group, the client contacted our team to discuss its requirements. We mobilised a team of three experienced technicians to the site to carry out the work. We used our bespoke fin fan cleaning technology which has been developed in-house by our dedicated R&D team. Our extensive experience of cleaning fin fan surfaces and delivering fantastic results provided our client with the confidence that we would complete the job to their specific requirements. Our team completed the job within three days, causing minimal disruption to process and restoring the asset to optimum performance.

Tube Tech Comment

Our bespoke fin fan cleaning solution ensured that the fin fan radiator was cleaned effectively, which in turn has restored efficiency and cooling performance to maximise production. According to the original equipment manufacturer, we were able to achieve approximately 15% – 20% cooling improvement, and 0.5% – 1% improvement in generator output. We’d like to thank the client for using our services, and we look forward to working with them again in future.

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