Tube Tech Improves Cleanliness Standards at Methanol Plant in Trinidad


A methanol plant on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad had been struggling to achieve the required levels of cleanliness, having used traditional methods and local contractors in the past. As a result, the plant recently contacted Tube Tech after hearing about our next generation engineered cleaning solutions.

The Challenge

The plant required the cleaning of several air-cooled condenser units (ACCs), economiser coils, and a bundle. The fouled equipment had been causing a drop in performance and urgently needed a quick response from a contractor that could guarantee fantastic cleaning results.

The Solution

Our team of experts comprised of four technicians from Houston, two from the UK, and three local support operators. Working across 15 days and nights, we used our precision engineered fin fan lances to clean the ACCs, our Plate Jett solution to thoroughly clean the economiser coils, and bespoke jetting heads to clean the bundle. The team successfully completed the clean within the allocated timeframe and to the client’s exact specifications. The benefits include a significant improvement in efficiency of the economiser and the fin fans, and the bundle has been cleaned to an IRIS inspection standard.

Tube Tech Comment

We are very proud of the results we have achieved for this client. We often hear how traditional methods fail to deliver the expected cleaning results and unfortunately, this can have very expensive consequences. Our technology-first approach to fouling removal has set us apart from many competitors and has allowed us to offer bespoke solutions to each client and application. We have received excellent feedback from the client and our team has thoroughly enjoyed working with the team in Trinidad.

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