A 'Bonny' Trip To Nigeria


Tube Tech was contracted by a leading Nigerian process and pipeline services delivery company working at the forefront of innovation and technology. Tube Tech was tasked with the cleaning of a Furnace F-4110, which had been underperforming due to fouling, at the company’s facility on Bonny Island at the southern edge of Rivers State in Nigeria’s Niger Delta

The Challenge

The facility was undergoing a shutdown to service and enhance the efficiency of its processing equipment and took the opportunity to call in heat exchanger specialists Tube Tech, to solve the fouling issues that were causing the facility’s Furnace F-4110 to underperform, costing the company money and causing excess emissions.


The Solution

The Tube Tech team employed its Fired Heater Robotic System, manual cleaning and, due to the specific demands of the job, specially designed cleaning tools. On arrival, Tube Tech’s Site Operation Manager and the Jetting Technician Supervisor together with the client walked around the working area. Tube Tech advised the client the positions where scaffold was required. Once the necessary scaffold had been installed, Tube Tech’s expert team were able to erect their equipment and commence the cleaning process.

The furnace clean was completed, on time, in three days. Tube Tech’s team was able to return near 100% heat duty to the furnace and, in doing so, provide an instant ROI on the cost of our services.

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