Tube Tech Provide Robotic Cleaning Solution for Netherlands Plant


Tube Tech was contracted by a leading chemical plant in The Netherlands.

The plant required the cleaning of its convection sections within a cracking furnace. Tube Tech was able to swiftly mobilise a team and equipment including our patented rover cleaning system which can access and remotely clean more than 95% of the surface area.

The fouling was successfully removed from the convection sections within the furnace and an increase in productivity and reduction of CO2 emissions is expected to be seen in the coming months.

The Challenge

Tube Tech were contacted by a leading chemical plant based in Moerdijk, The Netherlands. After impressive cleaning results achieved by Tube Tech in the past at the same plant, the client trusted the technologies to deliver superior results again. The convection sections within the cracking furnace were heavily fouled after last being cleaned four years ago. This was affecting the productivity and heat transfer ability of the asset, which was resulting in significant lost revenue for the client.

The Solution

Tube Tech were able to mobilise a team of four heat exchanger cleaning specialists as travel restrictions were lifted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team travelled to The Netherlands with the patented rover cleaning system and were able to complete the job within eight working days as scheduled.

The rover technology has health and safety benefits as it can complete cleaning remotely, without technicians having to access the asset. The system has also been engineered to penetrate deep between tube rows to access more than 95% of the surface area of the asset, which traditional cleaning methods are unable to achieve.

The Benefit

The rover cleaning system was able to remove more than 90% of fouling from the convection coils within the furnace which is expected to result in a significant improvement in productivity and a reduction in CO2 emissions in the coming months. Removing deposits from assets reduces emissions as less fuel is having to be burnt by the furnace to achieve the same results. The client was very happy with the job done by the Tube Tech team once again!

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