Petrochemical & Polymer

Innovative solutions to petrochemical industry cleaning challenges.

Fouling in the petrochemical industry can present serious difficulties for process managers and will have immediate impact on a plant’s performance. Maintenance personnel need access to specialist cleaning contractors who can work safely, effectively and efficiently in their plant.

Tube Tech has worked with leading petrochemical companies for over two decades and developed innovative and effective cleaning techniques to provide a rapid response when unexpected problems arise or as part of a planned shutdown programme. Our services for the petrochemical industry include:

  • Heat Exchangers Cleaning
  • Polymer Removal
  • Reactor Tube Cleaning
  • Tank Vessel Cleaning
  • Dehydrator Tube Cleaning
  • Vertical combined feed exchanger (Texas Tower) cleaning

We also provide: Furnace decoking, Flare line cleaning, Air-cooled condenser cleaning, Eddy current inspection services and Internal rotary inspection services.

The Tube Tech Difference

We provide customers in the petrochemical sector with a rapid response service and a choice of unique and applicable cleaning systems, including remote systems for tank and vessel cleaning. Our track record for safety is excellent, our service quality is second-to-none; and our cleaning operations can help to reduce energy use and consequently carbon dioxide emissions, and improve process efficiency.

Tube Tech’s ability to dramatically recover heat transfer and process performance is unrivalled and proven many times around the world under the scrutiny of Oil and Gas Consultants such as of Shell Global Solutions

Executive Vice-President
Global Business Development
KBR, Inc.

The service they provide, in my opinion, is second to none. Technically and technologically Mr Watson’s knowledge surpasses any company I have personally come into contact with that supply this kind of service.

To stay ‘ahead of the game’ Tube Tech invest well in the latest technology to be able to supply a service which, to the refiner, is more cost effective as the equipment they use is better than the competition’s at providing the desired results.

I have personally used Tube Tech over many years on long term contracts for both hands on cleaning and consultation services and find them efficient, reliable and knowledgeable.

Specialist Engineer


I believe [Tube Tech’s] technology and know-how is sound, and that its track record in specialist service delivery is second to none in this frontier technology field of on-line specialist cleaning. Its technology and know-how also extends to OEM design considerations for more effective and “built-in” cleaning techniques from the outset.

The overall result that Tube Tech is able to deliver for customers in the hydrocarbons business is a more reliable operation, less down-time, faster turnarounds, and ultimately a lower total cost of operation.

I am impressed with its knack for developing technology in this field, and its strong customer loyalty/track record.

Senior Vice President


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