Innovative Condenser Cleaning Services

To achieve a high standard of condenser cleaning Tube Tech is able to utilise a variety of cleaning systems which will improve the vacuum and heat transfer rate.

Tube Tech darTT

This condenser cleaning system propels, made to measure, metal scraper bullets down the condenser tubes using high volume but not high pressure water, removing thin, hard eggshell scale, sludge and silt, deposits.

When cleaning condenser tubes Tube Tech can also offer a simultaneous inspection service such as an Eddy current or IRIS inspection to measure tube-wall thickness and highlight excessive wear.

Cleaning condenser tubes restores vacuum and MW output, which in turn provides lower CO2 emissions per Megawatt.

Tube Tech can meet and invariably exceed strict time restrictions on condenser tube cleaning and has also cleaned condensers in such a short space of time that the neighbouring condenser train can be isolated so as to take the load temporarily whilst the other is being cleaned. This operation has been known to take only three hours thereby allowing the plant to continue operating without reducing production.

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I would like to thank Tube Tech and your staff for the successful cleaning of the E34-003 B Condenser exchangers. Although it did seem a very hard task with little options, your innovative perseverance plus working with BP Production and Maintenance got all four exchangers cleaned to an impressive level. Please pass on my thanks to your staff, and excellent praise for your day shift who were exceptional. – Production and Maintenance Director

Letter to on-site BP engineers: – As you may already be aware we have been using Tube Tech recently, as they correctly advised, our cleaning costs went up but our other costs went down quite dramatically (gaskets, bolts, maintenance, third party costs, craneage, scaffolding, down time and costs in lost production). This is all down to their novel technology approach and the fact that we do not have to completely strip and blind off the entire exchanger. This is already showing impressive results on the FCC. – FCC Senior Plant Manager

What we do know is that the equipment downtime through your ability to clean in situ was reduced by an average of three days, and of course [there was an] additional maintenance cost saving through not having the mechanical content of the traditional pull > clean > push scenario. – Maintenance Manager


Mr Watson is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable authorities on the subject of condenser and heat exchanger cleaning using alternative methods to hydrojetting. He has lectured on his techniques to engineers of both Esso Petroleum at Fawley and Mobil at Corrington in the UK who both recognise him as the leading expert in his field.


I believe [Tube Tech’s] technology and know-how is sound, and that its track record in specialist service delivery is second to none in this frontier technology field of on-line specialist cleaning. Its technology and know-how also extends to OEM design considerations for more effective and “built-in” cleaning techniques from the outset.

The overall result that Tube Tech is able to deliver for customers in the hydrocarbons business is a more reliable operation, less down-time, faster turnarounds, and ultimately a lower total cost of operation.

I am impressed with its knack for developing technology in this field, and its strong customer loyalty/track record.

Senior Vice President


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