Waste Heat Recovery Unit / Hot Oil Heater Cleaning

The traditional approach to cleaning severely blocked hot oil heaters/WHRUs often involves:

  • Bypassing the fouled unit – results in higher operating costs.
  • Doing nothing and accepting the increasingly inefficient burning of fuel within the WHRU/hot oil heater.
  • Removing/cutting off the WHRU bends to allow straight access to all tubes for cleaning – not only time-consuming¸ but sufficient access for welding cannot be guaranteed and is in any case best avoided in situ.
  • Replacing the complete WHRU/hot oil heater unit – not only expensive, but also entails a six-month manufacturing lead time for a new WHRU/hot oil heater.

Tube Tech International has developed unique WHRU cleaning technologies that:

  • Clean Waste Heat Recovery Units in situ.
  • Keep the waste volume created by Waste Heat Recovery Unit cleaning to a minimum.
  • Consider safety and environmental factors.
  • Are custom designed to negotiate multiple bends during Waste Heat Recovery Unit cleaning.
  • Complete Waste Heat Recovery Unit cleaning faster than traditional methods.
  • Include a complete internal tube inspection of all tubes/pipes including coiled.

Tube Tech has extensive specialised experience in unblocking, descaling and cleaning the difficult bends that are peculiar to WHRUs in the oil and gas industry. Tube Tech’s teams have successfully cleaned a number of WHRUs in the past at a ver y competitive rate. Tube Tech’s methods do not involve cutting nor removal of any U-bends and the company develops specialised systems to solve access problems often encountered during WHRU cleaning.

These successful contracts include:

  • Serpentine WHRU/hot oil heater cleaning – WHRU cleaned mechanically and IN SITU on a North Sea oil platform.
  • Hot oil heater/WHRU cleaning – WHRU unblocked and descaled with access only through the header box.
  • WHRU cleaning – Novel engineering approach to WHRU cleaning saves client £500,000.

Tube Tech’s ability to dramatically recover heat transfer and process performance is unrivalled and proven many times around the world under the scrutiny of Oil and Gas Consultants such as of Shell Global Solutions

Executive Vice-President
Global Business Development
KBR, Inc.

I believe [Tube Tech’s] technology and know-how is sound, and that its track record in specialist service delivery is second to none in this frontier technology field of on-line specialist cleaning. Its technology and know-how also extends to OEM design considerations for more effective and “built-in” cleaning techniques from the outset.

The overall result that Tube Tech is able to deliver for customers in the hydrocarbons business is a more reliable operation, less down-time, faster turnarounds, and ultimately a lower total cost of operation.

I am impressed with its knack for developing technology in this field, and its strong customer loyalty/track record.

Senior Vice President


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Serpentine W.H.R.U Cleaned Mechanically, in-situ, On Offshore Oil Platform

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