Key Features of Excalibur Mark 6

Reports include:

  • Distance of baffle plates
  • Location of damaged or broken tubes
  • Photos of before, during and after the clean
  • An intuitive heat map

Dimensional data and diagrams are pre-programmed to save time on site.

Identifies any blockages and areas of concern and captures footage for the technician's and client's reference.

A digital sensor system with distance control ensures cleaning is precise and materials are protected.

This allows the robot to reach every row of tubes.

There is minimal vessel entry so fouling can be removed safely, without the use of harmful chemicals.

The smart system automatically adjusts to warped tubes and bends and cleaning pressure is regulated, preventing damage.

What can
the Robot Clean?

  • Fired heater furnaces
  • Texas Towers (VCFEs)
  • Condensers
  • Fin-Fans
  • U-Tube (Hairpin) heat exchangers
  • Air-cooled condensers
  • Cleaning for IRIS inspection

We achieve
Amazing Results

  • Design thermal efficiency
  • More than 90%+ clean as standard
  • Asset integrity
  • Unrivalled cleaning results regardless of level or type of fouling
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Improved safety
  • Real-time inspection and verification

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