Tube Tech DarTT System Unblocks Condenser at Teeside Waste to Energy Plant

A waste-to-energy plant based in northwest England, UK, required a solution to unblock its condenser tubes which were heavily fouled. The plant has a capacity of 256,000 tonnes per year, and any loss in performance due to asset fouling could prove costly. 

The Challenge

The plant had fouling in its condenser tubes caused by a nearby estuary. If tubes are blocked, the condenser cannot operate at maximum capacity, and this often results in reduced MWs. A power plant’s profits are reliant on ensuring that output is maintained, and even a loss of 1MW could cost the plant approximately £300k per year.  

Having used Tube Tech’s fouling removal services before, the plant was confident that our team had the technology and the expertise to restore capacity quickly and efficiently.

The Solution 

During a quick turnaround period, Tube Tech utilized its DarTT technology to systematically remove fouling from each tube within the condenser, restoring performance.  

The system works by propelling metal scraper projectiles along the condenser tube using high-volume, low-pressure water, removing sludge, silt, and thin calcium scale deposits. 

The DarTT system can be used by a single operator who can restore two thousand tubes in a single shift, and the safety of the system allows two operators to work side by side, which they did during this project. 

The project was complete within the given timeframe and the condenser has been restored to maximum capacity.  

Tube Tech Comment

Effective tube restoration results in improvements in heat transfer rate and better vacuum performance. Fuel consumption, and therefore CO2 emissions, are also reduced as the condenser does not need to burn as much fuel to achieve the required output. 

We are pleased that we were able to help this plant maintain performance and ensure that profits are not lost due to reduced output. We look forward to working with the client again in the near future.

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