Tube Tech Receives its Highest Concom Audit Score

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Tube Tech recently passed a Contractor Competency (Concom) audit at its European headquarters in Essex, UK, with a score of 95.3%; our highest score to date and up from 87% two years ago.

The audit covers several areas of competency including safety, equipment, competence, health and wellbeing, quality and environment, and subcontractors.

What is Concom?

The Contractor Competency Forum (Concom) was formed in 1999 to develop and maintain high standards for contractors working on the Humber Bank process sites.

Concom conducts audits every two years on contractors who are working on, or clients who are looking to use them on their sites. The audit data is then shared with all client members, so the contractor is covered to work with all clients until the next audit.

Tube Tech Comment

Louise Strutt, HR Manager at Tube Tech, said:

“We are very proud of the Concom audit score we have achieved in our latest report. The scheme promotes continual development and makes suggestions for improvements, which we take seriously and endeavour to implement after each audit. I’m pleased that this has been reflected in achieving our highest score to date.”

“We always look to demonstrate our competencies and commitment to high standards which is why our clients trust working with us. The Concom audit provides independent verification of these values. It’s another great achievement for everyone at Tube Tech!”

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