Tube Tech Develops Bespoke Cleaning and Inspection Solution for Arbor Radiant Coil at Petrochemical Plant in Saudi Arabia


Our team has recently completed a cleaning and inspection project at a major petrochemical plant based in the Al-Jubail area of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The client contacted us with their challenge, and after a thorough inspection and issue identification process, we were able to develop a bespoke solution to remove fouling from the internal surfaces of radiant tubes within one of its fired heaters.

The Challenge

The petrochemical facility had noticed cold spots on certain radiant tube legs of its box heater with Arbor Radiant Coil, possibly caused by fouling, therefore they were looking for visual inspection to ascertain the level of potential fouling and then cleaning.

In this case, the client had concerns with differential tube temperatures and potential for expansion cracks around the cold spots. To read the full case study, click here. Is your facility suffering from reduced output?

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