Top 5 Features of Our Convection Section Cleaning Robot

Tube Tech’s fired heater/ furnace convection section cleaning robot is an intelligent system guaranteed to remove 90%+ fouling from fired heater furnace convection sections. It is packed with exciting features, designed to clean assets more effectively and saving your plant valuable time and money. There’s lots to shout about, but we’ve highlighted our top 5 favourite features:

1. Record videos and images

The cleaning robot is equipped with a high definition camera to record videos and images of blockages, identify any areas of concern and capture footage of the cleaning taking place. The camera allows detailed feedback to be given to the client and aids our technicians to target the most heavily fouled areas straight away- there’s no guess work.

2. Pre-programme the robot

Diagrams and information about the asset can be supplied by the client and pre-programmed into the robot. This creates a visual representation of the bank which our technicians can then use to select the most appropriate cleaning method and programme this into the robot, before arriving on-site. Talk about time-saving hacks…

3. Smart digital sensors

The robot features a smart digital sensor system with distance control using high-end encoders. This ensures that cleaning is precise and thorough whilst protecting the materials within the fired heater.

4. Auto Adjustment

The smart digital sensor system means that the robot can automatically adjust to warped tubes and bends. Cleaning pressure is regulated according to the design of the asset, meaning that damage to materials is avoided, and cleaning can be more targeted and precise.

5. Adjustable lance and track

This feature allows the robot to reach every row of tubes no matter the size of the asset to be cleaned. It also means that there is minimal vessel entry so fouling can be removed safely, without the use of harmful chemicals!

We’ve been working hard to bring you the latest cutting-edge technology. It’s available right now, so contact us to find out how it can benefit your facility. Click here to find out more about our fired heater cleaning services.