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IGS Surface Protection Solutions

Tube Tech is proud to be an IGS solution.

Discover the full range of surface protection solutions from Integrated Global Services (IGS). If you have underperforming mission critical equipment, need to reduce emissions, or stop corrosion, IGS will have a solution for you.

IGS’ customized solutions leverage industry-leading technology and experience to prevent equipment failure, extend service life, minimize outage downtime, and reduce repetitive maintenance expenses.

HVTS Alloy Cladding

IGS’ proprietary High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) alloy cladding solution upgrades existing metallurgy to higher alloys. A protective barrier is created which stops corrosion and/or erosion in mission critical equipment.

HVTS is a smarter way to improve equipment reliability.


Cetek Ceramic Coatings

Cetek coatings improve radiant efficiency of fired heaters and reduce fuel consumption and/ or boost production, while reducing CO2 and NOx emissions.

Cetek Ceramic Coatings prevent process tube oxidation and carburization and maintain heat transfer to the process. High Emissivity Cetek Coatings for refractory surfaces increase radiant absorbed duty and encapsulate fiber surfaces.


Hot-tek Online Services

Hot-tek services mitigate the need to take fired heaters offline to perform maintenance, saving you time and money. Hot-tek services include:


Environmental Products

IGS Environmental specializes in comprehensive SCR cleaning solutions. IGS supplies the following products:

  • Large Particle Ash (LPA) Screens
  • Fine Particle Screens
  • CatFlow Screens
  • Air Cannons
  • Air Cannon Accessories/ Nozzles
  • Ammonia Mixer Systems


IGS Metalspray® Pipe ID Rover

IGS understands the demand for effective corrosion control to maintain pipeline integrity and operational efficiency. To support companies in mitigating the significant corrosion risks involved in transporting untreated wet gas, IGS has introduced an advanced corrosion control technology for oil and gas pipelines, representing a major leap forward for internal corrosion protection strategies.



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