Tube Tech’s Patented Technology Restores Economiser at UK Plant


A waste to power plant based near the UK’s busiest international airport recently got in touch with our team to discuss a drop in plant output performance, which was being caused by a heavily fouled economiser. We were able to discuss their requirements in detail and create a plan to guarantee results and restore productivity.

The Challenge

The plant was experiencing a drop in output performance which was attributed to a heavily fouled economiser. The client required a swift response from a contractor that could guarantee cleaning results and restore productivity.

The Solution

The client received a recommendation to contact Tube Tech from a colleague that had previously used our cleaning services at another site. Our experience of cleaning the exact same design of equipment at one of the UK’s largest biomass power plants, provided the client with the confidence that our team would deliver results quickly. We deployed a team of three technicians to the site. Using our patented Rover technology, we were able to access confined areas and remotely remove even the most stubborn fouling. The unique system can capture images and videos for a more precise clean and provides detailed feedback to the client. The project was complete within two night shifts, causing minimal disruption and delivering fantastic results.

Tube Tech Comment

Our patented Rover technology has been developed by our in-house R&D team and is a real game changer for cleaning plant equipment and difficult-to-access areas. We are proud of the results that we can deliver for our clients, and the feedback we have received has been fantastic. In this case, we were able to open the air passages within the economiser to restore performance and productivity. We would like to thank the client for choosing Tube Tech and we hope this is the start of another successful relationship.

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