Tube Tech Works Online to Achieve ‘Substantial Improvements’ at Oil Refinery

A UK-based oil refinery recently enlisted the help of specialist cleaning company Tube Tech. The plant needed a speedy solution with minimal disruption as a build-up of debris was severely slowing down production.

The Challenge
  • The oil refinery based in North West England was suffering from the effects of fouling build-up on its fin fan radiators. The asset was not cooling to sufficient levels leading to a significant drop in production in the processing area.
  • The busy refinery required a proven, results-led company to remove the fouling from the radiators in just two shifts whilst assets remained online, ensuring minimal disruption to processes.
The Solution
  • As a verified supplier, the refinery production specialist contacted our team and we immediately set about assembling a team of three fouling removal specialists to solve the problem.
  • We used our custom fin fan radiator cleaning heads, which have been developed and refined by our in-house R&D team over many years. Using this bespoke technique, we were able to remove the debris from the finned surfaces without the risk of causing any damage.
  • The clean was completed to the clients’ specification; we were able to clean online across two night shifts, causing minimal disruption and restoring the radiators back to production standard.
Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, VP – International Business Development and Technical Operations at Tube Tech said:

“Our specialist equipment ensured that the fin fan radiators benefitted from significantly improved cooling, which in turn has allowed equipment to run at full capacity and has maximised production.

“CO2 emissions will be reduced in the long-term and the client will see significant savings having ensured that its assets are performing optimally.”


Client Comment

Refinery Production Specialist:

“We would like to thank Tube Tech for its services. We have seen a significant improvement in the performance of the fin fans and have shared the impressive results with the rest of the site. The service we received was excellent; thank you again for your support.”

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