Tube Tech Robots Restore Convection Sections at U.S. Petrochemical Plant


A leading petrochemical plant in the U.S. experienced heavy fouling of three convection sections in three heaters (a large platformer heater, an NHT Charge heater and an MDH charge heater). The assets had never been cleaned since being installed meaning that heavy fouling had occurred.

The Solution
  • Tube Tech was able to implement its innovative robotic fouling removal technology to access 90%+ of the surface area of the asset. The facility had scheduled a planned shutdown, during which time Tube Tech mobilised its team of experts to clean three convection sections on a large platformer heater, an MDH frac re-boiler and an NDH charge heater.
The Benefit

Tube Tech’s unique robotic technology can access areas that traditional cleaning methods simply cannot.

The team were able to clean 90%+ of the asset surface area, a figure well above the industry norm. In achieving a superior clean, CO2 emissions have been drastically reduced and the client has made a projected six-figure saving by using Tube Tech’s industry leading services.

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