Tube Tech Restores Tube Bores at Chemical Manufacturing Facility in Hull


A large chemical manufacturer in Saltend, Hull, UK contacted specialist heat transfer recovery company Tube Tech. The facility was experiencing a build-up of fouling on its tube bores, which significantly impacted heat transfer capability and productivity.

The Challenge
  • The manufacturer was suffering from a drop in performance caused by hard, tenacious scale covering the tube bores and negatively impacting the process. The gradual build-up of fouling on process assets is detrimental to its overall productivity by reducing heat transfer and also contaminating the product.
  • The client required a prompt response with a bespoke fouling removal solution that could deliver guaranteed results. After previous successful cleaning jobs, the client once again called upon Tube Tech to achieve the required results.
The Solution
  • Two teams of specialist fouling removal experts were swiftly deployed to the manufacturing facility in Hull. After a careful inspection of the tube bores, a bespoke Tube Tech-designed  technology was identified as the best solution for the job.
  • A multi-lance indexed feeder system with a bespoke jetting head was used to tackle the fouling. The system operates in excess of 40,000-psi per lance to reach the core of the fouling and remove it with ease, whilst protecting the asset materials from damage.
  • The job was completed to the client’s specification across five night and day shifts. The client was impressed with the professionalism of the Tube Tech team and the results that they were able to achieve. The fouling has now been removed and the tube bores have been restored to design thermal efficiency.
Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Director: “Our specialist equipment ensured that the tube bores were restored safely and thoroughly. Our technology has been developed by our in-house Research and Development team, which allows us to offer our clients a bespoke solution capable of achieving the very best results.

We have a fantastic working relationship with our client, and we expect them to see significant savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions due to the assets being restored to achieve optimum performance.

We would like to thank our client for choosing Tube Tech and we hope to work with them again in the not-too-distant future.”

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