Tube Tech Restores Heat Transfer Efficiency at UK Power Station


Tube Tech was contracted by a UK power station. Dust and ash accumulation of an economiser was causing heat transfer efficiency to drop. TTIL was able to use a bespoke lance adapted from their ROV convection section robot to remove the fouling. We were able to remove more than 95% of the fouling, in just 2 daysHeat transfer efficiency of the asset dramatically improved, With the client expecting to see a significant ROI and reduced CO2 emissions.

The Challenge

A power station in the United Kingdom was experiencing performance issues related to the dust and ash accumulation of an economiser at its facility. The client contacted Tube Tech to discuss its requirements, having previously worked with us on several other cleaning projects.

After consultation and identifying the profile of fouling, our cleaning experts were able to adapt our existing technology to provide a bespoke solution to deliver the best possible results for the client.

The Solution

We mobilised six cleaning engineers to the facility who completed all relevant health and safety checks, before initialising the cleaning technology.

Our team used a bespoke lance adapted from the ROV convection section robot to access more than 90% of the surface area of the asset. Due to the adaptive nature of our technology, we were able to complete the clean within two days and restore heat transfer efficiency of the asset, whilst maintaining the integrity of materials and implementing stringent health and safety measures.


Our unique fouling removal technology is able to access areas that traditional cleaning methods simply cannot. Our expert knowledge of heat transfer assets and types of fouling allows us to identify the most appropriate solutions to deliver superior results regardless of the severity of fouling.

We were able to restore the heat transfer efficiency of the asset, which will generate a significant ROI for the client and CO2 emissions have been reduced as less fuel is being burnt to produce optimal results.

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