Tube Tech Restores Convection Section at Petrochemical Plant in Bangkok


A well-known petrochemical plant located in Bangkok, Thailand was suffering from extensive fouling on the external surfaces of the tubes and fins in its heater convection section (4F-4101).
The fouling was reducing the performance of the heater and the client reported an increase in costs associated with fuel consumption and reduced output.

The client contacted Tube Tech after learning about convection section cleaning and the technology available to solve its fouling issues. Tube Tech is currently the only company to provide robotic fouling removal solutions able to clean 100% of the accessible area of an asset.

The Challenge
  • Tube Tech was able to quickly mobilise a team of highly trained engineers to assess the extent of the fouling and suggest the best solution.
  • Tube Tech’s remotely operated convection section cleaning robot was chosen to restore the convection section to near design thermal efficiency.
  • The robot can penetrate in between the tube rows to remove deposits from the layered tube banks.
  • This patented technology is 100% chemical-free, ensuring that delicate asset materials are preserved.
  • The remotely operated robot also ensures that operators are kept at a safe distance; there’s no need for man-entry.
  • This safety benefit was especially important to the client.
convection coils
The Benefit
  • Tube Tech’s unique robotic technology can access areas that traditional cleaning methods simply cannot.
  • The robot was able to penetrate the core of the fouling, achieving a far superior clean and completing the job within the allocated time.
  • As a result, CO2 emissions have been reduced and the client is expected to achieve a significant ROI due to improved productivity and less fuel consumption of the heater.
  • Tube Tech is a heat transfer equipment cleaning specialist.
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