Tube Tech Increases Productivity at Leading Petrochemical Plant in the Middle East


A leading petrochemical plant in the Middle East was experiencing a huge drop in performance, due to heavy fouling of the convection section within the pyrolysis furnace. Traditional cleaning methods had been explored but proved ineffective as the fouling was too severe.

The Challenge

After numerous failed attempts to clean the asset, the plant was made aware of a comprehensive range of innovative cleaning solutions from Tube Tech.

A meticulously planned mobilisation, after being presented with the Tube Tech technology, the Tube Tech site team deployed their extremely effective robotic system for fouling removal.

The team were able to deploy the Tube Tech convection section cleaning robot, which can access the most remote areas to remove more than 90% of the fouling.


Tube Tech’s robotic technology is internationally acclaimed for restoring performance to even the most heavily fouled assets. The lack of harmful chemicals ensures that materials are preserved, whilst the remote robotic technology delivers health and safety assurance.

Tube Tech is proud to be able to offer bespoke cleaning solutions for even the most difficult jobs.
Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way until your facility has restored its productivity.

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