Tube Tech Improves Power Generation Efficiency in London Waste to Energy Plant


A waste to energy plant located near the UK’s busiest airport in London contacted Tube Tech to discuss solutions to maximise its power generation efficiency after a gradual decline in performance.

The Challenge

Upon inspection, Tube Tech technicians found heavy fouling on top and in between the coiled banks of the economiser. The build-up was causing a drop in performance, lowering power generation, and therefore impacting revenue.

The client had few options available to solve this issue and contacted the Tube Tech team after hearing about its engineered cleaning solutions that can be tailored to almost any application and scenario.

The Solution

Tube Tech was able to deploy its ROV system which is the only technology able to slide into the small void space between the coils. The semi-autonomous system is operated using a remote control device, which ensures operator safety and provides smart digital insights to enhance the cleaning process.

Manual lance intervention was used in conjunction with the ROV system to deliver a thorough clean and restore as much productivity as possible. The project was completed by three accredited technicians within just four day shifts.

The client was impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and speed of the project. The final inspections showed that significant amount of fouling had been removed from the economiser coils, restoring power generation capability, and improving the overall productivity of the plant.

Tube Tech Comment

With baseload prices hitting £540 / MWh, power generation efficiency is extremely high value. If fouling is causing even a 1MWh drop in performance, that translates to millions of pounds or dollars in lost revenue.

We are pleased that we were able to offer this client a solution to their problem and we are pleased with the results that we achieved. We’d like to thank the client for choosing Tube Tech and trusting us to deliver a high-quality service and excellent results.

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