Tube Tech Completes Ethylene Convection Section Cleaning and Delivers Instant Payback

The Challenge

Tube Tech was contracted by a leading oil and gas company working at the forefront of global energy innovation.

The team was tasked with ethylene convection section cleaning of Ethylene Furnace F07 at the company’s facility in Moerdijk, Holland. Tube Tech first worked at the facility in 2015.

Thanks to the fantastic results delivered by our unique engineered cleaning technology and experienced onsite operating team, the client has contracted us to return and clean the rest of the available furnaces.

The Solution

The furnaces had either never been cleaned before or had been cleaned by other contractors using different techniques that failed to access anywhere near the 90%+ surface area that our technology is capable of.

Following mobilisation of one day from our UK base to the client’s facility in Moerdijk, the ethylene convection section fouling removal was completed, on time, in eight days – including three days for site inductions, equipment setup, mobilisation and de-mobilisation.

Our team employed the patented robotic fired heater system to solve the fouling issues that were causing the facility’s Ethylene Furnace F07 to under perform, costing the company money and causing excess emissions.

Tube Tech’s team was able to return near 100% heat duty to restore ethylene furnace convection section efficiency and, in doing so, provide an instant payback on the cost of our services.

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