Tube Tech Restores Apex Air Cooled Condenser in Record Time at Suffolk Power Plant

A power plant based in Suffolk in the East of England is a long-standing client of Tube Tech. The facility requires fouling removal of its Apex Air Cooled Condenser (AACC) up to twice a year to ensure maximum efficiency and power generation. 

The Challenge

The plant was experiencing a loss of performance due to high ambient temperatures and heavy fouling caused by agricultural debris from the surrounding environment. With rising energy costs in recent times, power supply and ensuring that plants can produce electricity at maximum generation is critical. A key part of achieving this is to regularly maintain equipment to deliver optimum performance and profitability.  

With just a few days’ notice, the plant contacted Tube Tech to restore its condenser and improve performance.

The Solution

Tube Tech has developed its own system which restores Apex Air Cooled Condensers from the plenum area, using extended lance technology and an bespoke engineered head, which controls the pressure and directs flow on to the tubes, preventing damage. It is proven to be the most effective and quickest system on the market to restore thermal efficiency. 

Despite the short notice, Tube Tech swiftly deployed a team of three technicians to the site. Using the specially designed system, the team were able to remove 90%+ fouling from the condenser in just a few hours. 

Deposits had accumulated on the first few rows of tubes, so working from below and accessing these areas directly was critical for removing fouling and restoring the asset’s functionality. Furthermore, our system ensured that the operator was not in a direct line of hot air and steam escaping the condenser, unlike some other systems that are fixed to the outside of the condenser. 

Tube Tech’s vast apex air cooled condenser experience and speed of deployment and cleaning were critical to the success of this project. 

Tube Tech Comment

We are proud of the long-standing relationship that we have with this client. We pride ourselves on being a maintenance partner which is why we are willing to be flexible to suit the client’s requirements and timeframes. 

We work closely with all our clients to help maintain high efficiency and performance, which is particularly important given the current economic landscape and other factors such as the very warm and dry summer we have experienced in the UK.  

We’d like to thank the client for its loyalty and trust in Tube Tech and we look forward to working with them again soon. 

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