Telescopic technology restores air-cooled condenser at leading Nigerian oil and gas plant

A leading gas to liquids (GTL) plant in the Nigerian Escravos region needed an innovative, efficient cleaning solution to restore its Apex air-cooled condenser, located on a steam turbine. The plant had experienced heavy fouling facilitated by a dusty environment which has previously proved problematic and inefficient to clean using conventional methods.

The Challenge & Solution
  • The plant contacted Tube Tech to enquire about its unique, internationally-acclaimed cleaning solutions.
  • Tube Tech were able to offer a bespoke consultation to establish the best possible solution to meet the client’s needs. We suggested the implementation of our telescopic Apex air-cooled condenser cleaning technology.
  • The system has been developed and fine-tuned over many years and is able to precisely direct low-pressure water to the affected areas using a precision-engineering telescope arm and bespoke head.
  • The innovative solution, unique to Tube Tech, is 100% chemical-free, ensuring that delicate asset materials such as costly aluminium fins, are preserved.
  • Tube Tech recognises that the first row of tubes within air-cooled equipment accumulate the most fouling and as such have developed technology to clean from the air inlet side of the assets.
  • Once sufficiently cleaned, loose particulate is flushed away leaving a thoroughly clean and efficient piece of equipment that is ready to generate valuable energy savings.
  • In addition to this state-of-the-art cleaning technique, Tube Tech prides itself on implementing all work from the walkway inside the plenum, meaning that scaffolding or platforms are not required at any stage of the process, saving both time and money!
  • One of the major benefits of using the telescopic cleaning technology is the time-saving capabilities of the system.
  • Outside temperatures in Nigeria can soar to above 50 degrees Celsius, so traditional methods have been extremely slow due to the hostile working conditions.
  • This has historically resulted in infrequent cleaning practices and a lapse in efficiency of equipment. As a result, fouling was generating more quickly than cleaning could remove!
  • Tube Tech were able to implement its unique solution and complete the cleaning of sixteen plenums in seven day-shifts, previously unheard of using traditional methods.
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