Tube Tech Increases Mega Watt Output at Dublin Bioenergy Plant

Tube Tech removed heavy fouling from an Apex Air Cooled Condenser at a Bioenergy plant in Dublin, Ireland.

Our longstanding client called upon us again due to our effective and fast technology, able to clean ACCs online. We mobilised a group of technicians and our robotic furnace cleaning equipment.

The Apex Air Cooled Condenser was swiftly restored to near design thermal efficiency
The client has expressed their satisfaction with the job and is expecting to see significant improvements in efficiency in the coming months.

air cooled condenser
The Challenge
  • A Bioenergy plant based in Dublin, Ireland was experiencing heavy fouling on the finned tubes of its apex air cooled condenser. The fouling was causing issues such as reducing the plant vacuum which in turn prevented full megawatt output.
  • Tube Tech has been the contractor of choice for the plant in the past due to fast and effective cleaning technology which is able to remove fouling whilst the condenser is online.
  • The bioenergy facility once again chose Tube Tech to restore productivity of the asset.
The Solution
  • The operation was swiftly set into action with a team of technicians mobilised on site to commence cleaning.
  • Tube Tech’s apex air cooled condenser cleaning technology works by targeting the most fouled area first where the air is directed at the fins inside the plenum area. In this case, a local quarry was causing air borne particulate and dust to build up on the finned tubes of the condenser. By removing this fouling, debris is taken away from the surface and allows air to flow freely through the extended cooling surfaces.

Power stations operate on tight margins and any impact on megawatt output can be devastating. Maintaining plant cleanliness is essential to ensure the plant remains efficient in generation.
Tube Tech’s innovative technology and knowledge of complex fouling issues enabled the restoration of the apex air cooled condenser to near design thermal efficiency. This has resulted in increased productivity whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Tube Tech is the heat exchanger cleaning specialist. If fouled heat exchangers are impacting your process performance, contact us to increase your throughput and profit today.


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