Gas Cooler Cleaned Ready for IRIS Inspection

Bespoke unblocking and polishing heads provide 360° surface contact

A High Pressure Compressor Discharge Cooler on a North Sea platform developed leaks. To establish the extent of damage the tube bores required preparation for full Eddy Current and IRIS inspection. Tube Tech mobilised within 48 hours and came prepared for the worst as was the client brief.

The Challenge
  • 800 tubes with unknown levels or types of fouling.
  • A guaranteed method was needed to achieve Eddy Current and IRIS inspection.
  • Client advised some tubes were leaking due to contained cross contamination.
The Solution
  • Bespoke unblocking heads cleaned and polished all tube bores ready for IRIS inspection.
  • Eddy current and IRIS inspection data provided life cycle information.
Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager:

“Having our offshore trained operatives ready to mobilise at short notice was a big bonus for this client. We achieved IRIS standard inspection quickly and safely.”


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