Cleaning Robot Lance Tackles Hard Scale for Power Company

The Challenge

Fouling associated with the effects of combustion at this UK power plant included a reduction in air flow, heat transfer and an increase in pressure drop, resulting in reduction of output.

The plant required a reliable solution to restore heat transfer efficiency in as little time as possible, with maximum results.

The Solution

Manually operated lances from the Tube Tech convection section robot were able to reach between the finned tubes and remove hard scale deep into the coil. Our patented technique was able to remove 90%+ of the fouling.

A team of three operatives spent nine days on site working on two assets at the power plant. We were able to complete the project on time and achieve results exceeding our client’s expectations.

The Result

Removing fouling from deep between the economiser tubes enables the plant to regain full heat transfer efficiency and a lower pressure drop, which in turn brings back full generation.

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