ACC (Air Cooled Condenser) Hexacool Cleaned by SafeJet

Aluminium fins back to bare metal

A UK energy-from-waste facility was looking for a fast and effective first clean for their unusually shaped Hexacool ACC (Air Cooled Condenser) unit.

The site, able to process 390,000 tonnes of municipal waste per year, had previously contracted Tube Tech to clean tubular condensers so were aware of Tube Tech’s innovative cleaning approach.

The Challenge
  • Cleaning the unit for the first time the client was keen to follow the ACC units’ manufacturers cleaning guidelines.
  • Atmospheric dust, feathers, fluff, cobwebs, pollen etc from the surrounding area had become caught within the fins of the ACC unit which had reduced the airflow and the heat transfer coefficient ultimately causing a reduction in the power generating ability.
  • The fan blades of the Hexacool ACC unit are set at a specific operating point which means cleaning must be carried out carefully so not to misalign or damage the delicate fins.
  • The top of the hexagonal chambers (x2) were 16m above ground level and each hexagonal plenum had 4x finned cells.
The Solution
  • Having used their SafeJet system on a number of previous Air Cooled Condenser cleaning contracts Tube Tech were confident their unique equipment and techniques could meet the ACC manufacturers guidelines.
  • Tube Tech used a mobile access platform to ensure their technicians could reach the top of the unit and made controlled passes across the surface of the fins until the desired level of cleanliness was achieved.
  • The 8 fin banks were cleaned within one 10 hour day shift.
Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, VP – International Business Development and Technical Operations at Tube Tech said:

“Despite having cleaned many ACC (air cooled condenser) units in the past this was the first time the team had cleaned a Hexacool ACC and both we and the client were pleased with the speed and effectiveness of the clean. We are looking forward to returning to the site regularly to ensure the ACC remains in excellent working order.”

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