ACC Clean with Bespoke Finned Surface Cleaning Heads

Plant Running Costs Reduced Thanks to Higher Cleaning Standard

A world leading producer of rolled aluminium products were looking for an effective clean of the finned section of their Spiro Gills Fin Fan as atmospheric dust from a nearby plant caused bridging between the finned tubes and significantly reduced heat transfer performance.

The Challenge
  • 2x Spiro Gills Fin Fans – horizontal with fans mounted beneath.
  • 6 rows deep – triangular pitch.
  • Deposit – atmospheric dust created from dry waste process nearby.
  • Bridging between finned tubes on first row – anticipated this had progressed further into the rows.
  • Access – restricted – plenum small and cleaning heads to be operated between fan blades.
  • Unit was performing at a temperature drop of 30°C, should be 68°C.
  • Unit had not been cleaned for 10 years.
The Solution
  • Initially flushed ACC from top.
  • Next the specially developed Twin Fan Jet cleaning head was used from below.
  • Finally ACC was once again flushed.
Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, VP – International Business Development and Technical Operations at Tube Tech said:

“Our client was pleased with not only with the results of the ACC clean but also with the speed in which the contract was completed and the professionalism of our technicians.”

Client Comment

Electrical Reliability Technician:

“The manufacturer of the ACC, Spiro Gills, recommended Tube Tech to us. The results were impressive. A new filter plant built next to the ACC unit created the dust fouling – if we need the unit cleaning again we will certainly call Tube Tech.”

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