Pipeline Cleaning and Pigging

Tube Tech’s pipeline cleaning systems and techniques provide a high level of cleanliness leading to increased flows, improved productivity and reduced fouling.

Our Wysper and SafeTech systems allow for rapid cleaning and unblocking of pipelines, as well as a range of other cleaning techniques that can be adapted to the task at hand. Whether its a subsea pipeline or a flare line, and whatever the blockage, Tube Tech can clean it.

We have also developed novel pigging solutions, allowing small diameter pipeline pigging to be carried out, as well as the traditional large bore pigging, from 2mm up to 1.5m bores

Tube Tech is able to ‘pig the unpiggable’ and can create novel solutions for the most stubborn or difficult blockages.

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Tube Tech’s ability to dramatically recover heat transfer and process performance is unrivalled and proven many times around the world under the scrutiny of Oil and Gas Consultants such as of Shell Global Solutions

Executive Vice-President
Global Business Development
KBR, Inc.

I believe [Tube Tech’s] technology and know-how is sound, and that its track record in specialist service delivery is second to none in this frontier technology field of on-line specialist cleaning. Its technology and know-how also extends to OEM design considerations for more effective and “built-in” cleaning techniques from the outset.

The overall result that Tube Tech is able to deliver for customers in the hydrocarbons business is a more reliable operation, less down-time, faster turnarounds, and ultimately a lower total cost of operation.

I am impressed with its knack for developing technology in this field, and its strong customer loyalty/track record.

Senior Vice President


Case Studies

Read our latest case studies to find out how we use our unique cleaning solutions and specialist knowledge to tackle some of the world’s toughest fouling challenges.

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Pipeline Cleared of Toxic Nicotine Deposit

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Tube Tech’s Bespoke Cleaning Technology Delivers Success at Chemical Plant.

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