Robotic Re-bars Removal Avoids Excavating Clay Drain

Bespoke robotic cutting tool removes two re-bars

  • While reinforcing a wall, 2 re-bars were driven into a clay sewerage pipe on site.
  • The first re-bar went completely through the pipe, the second only 2 inches in.
  • With tight deadlines, the re-bars needed removing and the pipe repaired quickly.
  • Tube Tech were contacted via the web and given the challenge.
  • Access points and distances were quickly established.
  • Bespoke robotic cutting tools were able to remove both re-bars located 1m and 6m from the nearest manhole.
  • The pipe was immediately lined to leave a pipe ready to be put into service.
  • The contract was completed to the clients' satisfaction within hours of arrival.

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “Having stock of over 43 different technologies meant we had the ability to respond immediately to these challenges. Once details are provided it enables us to understand the challenge and overcome big problems for our client. The contractor was pleased with both the speed and efficiency demonstrated on this contract.”

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