Drain Contract – Concrete Removed From Drainage System Beneath Luxury Residence

360° Surface Contact Achieved Using Bespoke Unblocking Technology

Contractors redeveloping a luxury private residence in central London accidentally poured concrete and grout into the properties drainage system while constructing a swimming pool in the lower basement. An internet search looking for concrete removal specialists brought them to Tube Tech who were able to quickly and efficiently remove the concrete and grout despite restricted access.

  • A mixture of concrete and grout had been accidentally poured into the drainage system of a private residence.
  • The pipework was made up of 5 sections with 4 branches coming off one of the sections.
  • The pipework was located 10m below ground in the lower basement.
  • The pipes were 80-100% blocked.
  • A minimum of 30m of pipe had to be cleaned as quickly as possible.
  • There was restricted access in some areas and one of the sections contained a 90 degree bend.
  • Tube Tech inspected the pipework using a video probe prior to start to ensure each pipe had a minimum 600mmk open feed as a starting point.
  • Where the open feed was not visible the hand held SafeJeTT was used to create a starting point.
  • Using a variety of bespoke technology including the SafeFlex jet system, Wysper pump and the extendable SafeJeTT lance system Tube Tech were able to bore a hole through the deposit and then descale the pipes to remove the rest of the concrete and grout mixture.
  • Tube Tech were then able to inspect the drainage system to provide visual evidence to the client of a successful clean.

Christian Chanel, Technical Sales: “In addition to removing the deposit we also had to ensure that the type of deposit i.e concrete or grout was monitored as two separate contractors were responsible for the accident. We were pleased to be able to assist with such an unusual contract.”

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