Drain Contract – Collapsed Drain Liner Removal

Collapsed Liner Removed Quickly and Easily

A collapsed liner within a domestic cast iron waste water drain was creating havoc for the home owner and a major headache to the drain cleaning contractor. Tube Tech used their bespoke high volume high pressure water jetting techniques to remove the collapsed liner so the drain cleaning contractor could reline the drain.

  • A local drain lining contractor was relining a waste water drain at a large home overlooking Regent's Park in the centre of London.
  • As the new liner was bonding it appears someone may have poured hot water down the drain. This meant the liner did not bond correctly and eventually the liner collapsed blocking the pipe completely.
  • The drain cleaning contractor tried to remove the liner themselves using a variety of methods including chiselling along the length of the liner.
  • These methods were unsuccessful so the drain cleaning contractor searched for a solution on the internet and contacted Tube Tech.
  • An initial inspection by Tube Tech showed that the liner was twisted and crumpled along the whole length of the drain. The removal techniques the drain cleaning contractor had attempted had actually made the situation more challenging.
  • The household's waste water was backing up and flooding the lower rooms of the house.
  • Responding rapidly to this urgent contract Tube Tech's technicians arrived on site with a number of techniques available to them.
  • They opted to use a new high volume high pressure water jetting pump with specially designed nozzle configurations.
  • Tube Tech's specially designed rotating nozzle was able to cut through the liner and the technicians then used an alternate more conventional nozzle to remove the liner pieces.
  • Drain liners are designed to set like a clay drain within waste water drains so the Tube Tech team had to use innovative techniques to remove this strongly bonded material from the drain interior without damaging the actual cast iron drain.
  • The liner was successfully removed by Tube Tech and consequently successfully relined by the drain cleaning contractor.

Gareth Gillings, Sales Technician. “This problem was located within a very luxurious area of London and the property owners were keen to solve this very inconvenient problem quickly. We were happy to help. Our rapid response and innovative techniques were very much appreciated by the property owner and the drain cleaning contractor.”

“I was delighted to return home to the news that the problem had been solved and I could have a shower!” Home owner

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