IRIS Tube Inspection with Immediate Response

Tube Tech responded within 48 hours to an offshore platform requiring IRIS tube inspection

Without asset integrity verification the heat exchangers could not go back into service nor would the client get insurance.

Tube Tech had recently worked for this client’s onshore refinery when they were contacted by personnel on a 22 year old North Sea platform who required an immediate inspection of tube bores on their gas coolers. The inspection was to determine if any damage had been caused by the coolers running with a high pressure drop across the unit which tripped the whole platform limiting production to 50%.

  • Urgent mobilisation was essential.
  • The two horizontal gas coolers contained 1491 Duplex tubes of dimensions 0.75" O.D. x 18 BWG nominal wall thickness.
  • The objective of the inspection was to detect and measure and wall losses present in any of the tubes tested.
  • Tube Tech mobilised their inspection team and equipment immediately to arrive on the platform within 36 hours of the proposal acceptance.
  • Tubes were mechanically cleaned and then polished using Rotaflex V 3000 to allow an Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS) which works on the principles of Pulse Echo Ultrasonics.

Scott Donson, Sales Manager: “Our ability to respond quickly and efficiently is legendary especially to the needs of the offshore industry. Our client was pleased not only with our rapid response but also the fact that there was no wall loss on their tube bores.”

“Thanks for your (Tube Tech’s) efforts. Getting lots of good feedback from offshore management and the OIE. Hope to be dealing with you again.”

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